Osaka Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Association(Osaka-fu Gyoseishoshi Kai) is the organization which the members are Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists("GYOSEI-SHOSHI") who have their office in Osaka

"GYOSEI-SHOSHI" Can Help You in Many Ways!

From your everyday life, to running a new business, "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" can help you in obtaining various kinds of permits, licenses or authorization from the Governmental Authorities. "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" are authorized personnel, who are allowed to be your representative. They will not only prepare the documents for you, but also hand them in, and also be your advisory staff to guide you through the procedures all the way, and will help you with aftercare. (Ex. periodical checking of required documents to the Authorities.)

Here are just some of the cases in which the "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" can help you:

  • With immigration procedures...

    1. Application for foreign residents entering/staying in Japan
    2. Application for long term and permanent residency
    3. Application for obtaining nationality
    4. When opening a Japanese branch
    5. When starting a joint venture
    6. Application regarding international business contracts based on ForeignExchangeControl Act and Antimonopoly Act
    • The Immigration Office allows representatives who are authorized by the Minister of Justice, to be "Representative of the Applicant".
      Many of the Japan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Associations are authorized by the Minister of Justice to be your representative.
  • With business procedures...

    1. When establishing a Kabushiki Kaisha (corporation)
    2. When establishing foundations (medical institutions/schools/associations)
    3. When starting a joint venture, or alternation of the organization
    4. Bookkeeping and preparation of account books
    5. Preparing employment regulation and labor agreements
    6. Application for loans to banking organs such as finance corporations etc.
    7. Application for approval for establishing social insurance and labor insurance
    8. Application to be appointed as a facility whose patients are covered by the Nursing Care Insurance
  • With construction/Real estate procedures...

    1. Application for General Construction Industry License (new/renew/alternation)
    2. Application for examination of business conditions of a construction company
    3. Application for entry in government and public bidders’ list regarding contract construction work, etc.
    4. Application for realtor license (corporation)
    5. Application for registration of electrical construction trades
    6. Application for industrial waste disposal business license
  • With legal and inheritance matters...

    1. Documents of agreement of dividing the inheritance
    2. Gathering information concerning the inheritance property
    3. Preperation of a Will
    4. Managing property as well as preparing welfare documents (for the elderly)
    5. Preperation of documents concerning family registration
  • With transportation affairs...

    1. Application for general cargo motor carrier business license
    2. Report on commencement of light vehicle carrier business
    3. Notification for permit of renting warehouses and storage rooms
    4. Driver's license, vehicle registration, application for vehicle inspection
    5. Application for certificate relating to the garage (parking space)
    6. Claim for compulsory insurance in traffic accidents
  • When opening a restaurant or an amusement facility...

    1. Application for restaurant business license
    2. Application for license of fishery, dairy products or foodstuff manufacturers, etc
    3. Report on commencement of entertainment business and amusement trades
    4. Application for hotels (Ryokan), beauty saloons, or dry cleaning business license
    5. Report on commencement of offering liquors during the night (for restaurants and shops)
  • Others

    1. Copyrights
    2. Documents to file a suit
    3. Various Contracts
    4. On line Applications (Governmental Authority related)

    These are just some of the cases where GYOSEI-SHOSHI Lawyers can help you.With the deregulation of Japanese Laws, the necessary documents are becoming more complicated. Go and get advice from a law specialist!

What are the procedures?

    1. Please give us the details by phone, fax, or e-mail
    2. Your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" will inform you of the necessary documents, the term, and the fee.
    3. If you agree to the conditions given by your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI", you are ready to officially hire him/her as your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI". At this point check with your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" on how you should make your payment.
    4. Your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" will proceed to do full research on your case. Although you may be asked together specific official documents, your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" will, upon your request, also gather them for you for an extra charge.
    5. On the basis of your references, your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" will prepare the documents to hand in to the Governmental Authorities. (You will be charged for this)
    6. After submitting the documents, your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" will inform you of any corrections, or any other information that the Authority issues. In some cases you may have to report to the Authority with your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI".
    7. After the documents have been turned in to the Governmental Authorities, your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" will explain the procedures that will follow.
    8. Your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" will also explain to you what else procedures you follow after your documents have been approved. If you wish, your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" can schedule the rest of the procedure for you.

    You can also sign an advisory contract with your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" so that the same "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" can look after the rest of the matter. Your privacy is strictly confidential with your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI". It may be a good idea to sign an advisory contract with your "GYOSEI-SHOSHI", so that you can get advice from the same "GYOSEI-SHOSHI" when you come up with questions later on.